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What is
The clan - NFT

The clan - NFT is a 2D collection of 5555 Mobsters from MultiversX City. The rest of the world see us as criminals, we are just building Web 3.
The organization thought about a powerful project to bring a strong mafia into the city. Team's experience will allow the success of our evolving game.

A Play to earn
Social club

Our P2E social hub will be our headquarter. Each person in this mafia will earn what they deserve. This will be an evolving video game only available on PC.
Join the organization now by becoming a member of the Mafia. Chat, play, earn money & work with other members. (Poker, Casino, PVP armed, Missions, Firing Range, & more mini-games …)
This is the beginning of a whole ecosystem for our Web 3 Builders.


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Gaming Experience
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Is the collection sold out?

We sold out the whole collection with 5555 NFTs. You can buy an NFT directly on the secondary market by clicking here

How can I access DAO?

1000 NFTs DAO from the Presale are available in the collection. These DAO NFTs can be recognized with their number #1 to #1000 but also their 4 different traits (Tattoo DAO). Only these NFTs will get exclusive access to The clan - NFT DAO. Presale buyers will receive their NFT a few minutes before the Public Mint. (25th July)

What is “Mafia Galleries”?

Mafia Galleries are our first airdrop. We decided to airdrop these galleries to thank our presale buyers. Galleries are fully available in a 3D customizable environment which allow the owners to easily show their NFTs, not only Mafia’s NFTs. The Mafia Galleries are now fully available on beta.mafia-galleries.com

What is Project RED?

The team is building a Play to Earn game. The holders of Mafia NFTs will be able to play PVP, farming drugs, and missions… The team has already started the development of the game. Project RED Alpha will be released the 27th January with the first mobster activity "The Blood Arena". More informations on our website

What is Way3 studio?

The Way3 studio is made up of a team of experienced and passionate professionals, specialized in the development of high-level technological projects. Made up of its members and numerous partners, the studio brings together a set of expertise and know-how that are able to respond quickly and effectively to all project needs.

What are the royalties?

We decided to take only 5% of Royalties for our collection.